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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/08/2023

4-week TEFL Course Timeline

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

What will your time in Costa Rica look like during the 4-week, onsite TEFL Course?

Day 1  

Arrive at the airport. We will be outside the airport ready to pick you up and drive you to the accommodations that have been arranged for you. These accommodations could be one of our homestay families or something that you have set up for yourself. This airport pick up is free for our students.

All About Accommodations During Your TEFL Course in Costa Rica

You arrive at your homestay and meet your new Costa Rican family. This is a great way to really experience the culture and the people of Costa Rica, rather than a hotel room. Your homestay mom will cook 3 meals a day for you during the course, so you don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning up, and can really focus on the course work.

Days leading up to the course

These are yours to explore the area of Barva, Heredia, San Jose and all of Costa Rica. You decide how early you show up in Costa Rica. We recommend at least 2 days before, but some come much earlier in order to travel. Many students get in touch and meet during these days so they can share their excitement and energy over some coffee or beer.

There is also an amazing tour that many students take to Poas Volcano and an animal refuge, where you can see all the animals from Costa Rica. Again, a great way to share experiences with your new classmates.

Activities during the 4-week TESOL Course in Costa Rica

Day 1 of the course

Get to the school and meet the classmates and trainers that you haven't met yet. At 8:30 am the 4-week course begins, and you start your training that will allow you to teach all over the world.

Week 1

As well as your classroom work, week one is also filled with extra activities. Dance class (salsa), cooking classes, indoor soccer plus Spanish classes for those that want them.  All these are available to students in the course. As well as all this fun, Friday is a day off, so most students choose to take a trip together to one of the many amazing beaches in Costa Rica. The school can help organize affordable transportion.

Week 2 and 3

These are the tougher weeks. Plenty of homework plus you will be practice teaching 6 times in front of REAL Costa Rican students. This practice teaching is what REALLY helps teachers develop their skills and gives them realistic classroom experience. Weekends are busier than week one, however, you still have time to travel and enjoy Costa Rica.

TESOL Course Expectations

Week 4

You still have homework and practice teaching, but the pace really starts to slow down as teachers get ready for graduation. By Wednesday there are only a few things left to finish and the goal is within sight. 

Many teachers have jobs already lined up by this time, as we are constantly notified when schools have openings. Plus four or five schools will come to our location to pitch their school to our TEFL students in the hope of recruiting them. Finding teachers is VERY competitive for schools as there are more jobs available than teachers to fill those spots. 100% of our grads find jobs. The market is that big in Costa Rica.

Grad night!

You made it!!! Now you are certified and ready to teach here in Costa Rica or all over the world. Time to party. Free beer, a chance to let loose and celebrate with your classmates, plus all of the previous course students are also invited so you can expand your social circle, get some tips, and meet MORE amazing people. Now it is time to decide where in the world you want to live!

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect during your time with us in one of our 4-week, onsite TEFL courses, contact us today to reserve your spot!

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