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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 10/23/2022

All About Accommodations During Your TEFL Course in Costa Rica

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Where will you be staying during your 4-week TEFL course in Costa Rica?  And after the course ends?

Student House

Spend the month with some of your TEFL classmates in a beautiful, modern house that is a fifteen-minute walk from the school in Barva.  A private bedroom plus amenities are included for your 30-day stay.  Located between Barva and downtown Heredia, you will also be within walking distance of a number of restaurants, supermarkets and bus routes. 

Each student in the Student House will have his/her own private bedroom and will share the kitchen plus three bathrooms with showers.

The student house has a cleaner who comes in 3 times a week. Be aware that you will be responsible for preparing your own food.  It's not a frat party house, by any means, in fact, "lights out/quiet time" starts at 10:00 pm, allowing those who want a good night’s sleep to get it. However, there are plenty of places nearby for those who want to extend the evening. 

Hanging out, playing cards, board games, movie nights and watching sports, etc. are all ways our students like to unwind at night and on weekends. The Student House allows those who feel that making friends and bonding with their classmates is a big attraction to living abroad, creating friendships that will last a lifetime. That's what traveling abroad is all about.

Doing assignments and lesson planning can also be more enjoyable when doing them with others in the house, rather than alone. It allows you to brainstorm ideas and get suggestions when you feel stuck or confused with your homework or lesson planning.

Cost:  $600/30 days


Another popular housing option for the month-long course, homestays are your connection to the Costa Rican community.  All of our families are wonderful and welcoming people who are looking forward to spending the month with you.  

How to Make the Best of your Homestay Experience

Usually the home consists of an elderly couple with their kids and grandkids that pop in to visit. Ticos have a very strong sense of family, so don’t be surprised if the family visits on a daily basis. Getting to know the extended family is a very rewarding experience for our students and allows them to get a head start on building up their social circle.

Not only is staying in a homestay the best way to experience the culture and practice your Spanish, it is also convenient. Your time with the family includes three meals a day, even on the weekends. Our graduates always comment on the relief it was knowing they didn’t have to worry about cooking or buying groceries! If you are a vegetarian or have special dietary needs, don’t worry at all. Your tica mom is used to making all types of eaters happy!

We have a variety of local families that we work with, so feel free to request to be within walking distance of the school.  We also work with some families that have room for more than one student, so if you’re coming down with a friend, you could even stay together!  

All rooms are private, so it is not possible to request to share a room. You are not allowed to bring or use drugs in the homestays or to invite guests over, however, you do not have a curfew and will have your own key to come and go as you please. 

If you don’t speak any Spanish, don’t worry!  Our families are used to dealing with all levels of Spanish from their guests.  They work hard to make sure you’re comfortable!

Cost:  $775/30 days


After the Course

As you live in Costa Rica, you should be trying to spend around $250-$300 per month on rent. If you find a place to stay for less money, great! That means more play money. If you have a great place but are paying $400, you might find yourself stressed to make ends meet, or working more hours than you want. Usually to pay $250 you will live with a roommate.

Roommates can be fellow teachers that either work at your new school, or acquaintances of these teachers. Another great way to find roommates is to look at the tones of postings on bulletin board of a University. This way allows you to live with a Tico, practice your Spanish and get all the cultural benefits that come with living with a local.

However, before students get too involved in where they are going to stay after they find a job, they should first focus on finding a job. It doesn’t do a teacher any good to find a great apartment and then find out his school is 2 hours away. Therefore you will need a temporary place while you look for a job. We can help you find a TEMPORARY accommodation while you look for a job and your permanent housing.

Don't worry!  We are looking out for you!  So talk to us today about registering for one of our TEFL-certification courses in Costa Rica!  

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