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Alumni Event-Border Run to Guatemala

Alumni Event-Border Run to Guatemala

We are ready to plan our next alumni event. This time it is an exciting border run to Guatemala! Now before you think that this event is not for you, let me address a few of your concerns.

1) Flying to a country is way too expensive. Not true, a bus to Panama will be around $100 round trip and 8-9 hours on a bus each way.

Flight to Guatemala is $130 round trip and is a 90-minute flight.

2) I've already bought a bus ticket to Panama and I don't want to waste it. Karen can change your date or even city on your TicaBus ticket so you can move it to your next border run and go with us on this one.

3) I will only have been in Costa Rica for 60 days when the trip is planned so that is too early for me to go. Maybe, but go a little early this trip to enjoy a good time with the group!

Why Guatemala?

1) it is by far the cheapest flying border run, and very cheap once you land

2) Lake Atitlan is AMAZING and a completely different experience than the trips to Nicaragua and Panama. 

3) Lots of stuff to do, including hike the volcano, kayak, visit authentic indigenous markets, diving/snorkeling, great bars and food, both expat and local restaurants. I could go on and on but trust me, you don't want to miss Guatemala!

We will be flying out on between Saturday March 9th and Thursday March 14th depending on what is better for those going. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Luke know ASAP if you are interested in going and what dates work for you.

From the airport, we will take a private shuttle for about 2 hours to Panajachal which is the first town on the lake. We will miss the last ferry boat, so we will stay in Panajachal the night. Shuttle will be SUPER cheap (max around $20/person, but probably less).

Because of different tastes and budgets, everyone is responsible for their own accommodations. In fact, after the private shuttle from the airport, everyone can do their own thing, including come back whenever and however they want.  We will have a WhatsApp chat group so that people can meet up with the group to drink/eat/explore etc. if they want, but there will be no organized activities after the private shuttle to the lake.

I recommend staying in San Pedro which I thought was the best town, but all towns are a quick 15-20 minute boat ride away from each other so you can stay in whatever village best suits you and still be able to meet up with the group. Check out this article that helped me a lot and I found quite accurate describing the different vibes in the towns.

12 towns of Lake Atitlan

Coming back there is a flight 10pm on most days, that I think is a great option cause you get an extra day in Guatemala. You can go directly from the lake to the airport, or you can spend the afternoon in Antigua which is a beautiful town similar to Heredia. From Antigua, you are an hour from the airport.

You come back whenever and however you prefer!

Let Luke know if you are interested ASAP so we can start getting an idea on the price of the private transport, and we can get the best price on the flight. Right now they are $130 return, but that can change quickly. You have until Friday February 15th to give Luke an answer. Space is limited.

Hope to see you guys there. Pura Vida!