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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 12/29/2022

Alumni Newsletter Introduction

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Hey Gang,

We’re really excited to introduce our new alumni newsletter and our new focus on the ITA Costa RIca alumni experience. Basically we want to up our game in making your time in Costa Rica even more amazing and memorable. We want to give you better access to Costa Rica and its incredible beauty, making it easier to get to some of its hard to reach places and some hidden gems that you might have overlooked.

We also want to increase your social experience, allowing you to continually meet new amazing people that are like-minded and as hungry to experience Costa Rica as you are. Too often people get their social circle and then stop meeting new alumni, missing out on great potential friendships.

So here are some ways we want to kill 2 birds and get you to beautiful parts of Costa Rica, meet some great people and just doing something new on a Sunday rather than the "same old same old". I guess that’s 3 birds.

We also want to make these experiences affordable for our grads. Travelling on your own can be time consuming and pricey. We will make these trips easy and as affordable as possible. First we will get a group rate which will bring the price down, also ITA Costa Rica will pitch in a substantial amount for these trips. That’s how our first trip to Jaco is only $20/person with private transport and breakfast included.

Here are some of the ideas we have in mind for the new "Alumni Experience": 

Day trips

Quick Sunday day trips. Check out new places you would otherwise leave Costa Rica never having seen, or old familiar places but in a better way.

Border Runs

Why go on your border run with one or two friends, when you can go with a cool group of ITA grads. This doesn’t mean it’s a tour group where you have to hang around 20 people the whole time, but you’ve got plenty o’ friends when you want them. Cheaper tours, cheaper accommodation, and way more fun.


There are so many great hiking areas in Costa Rica. We’ll organize the details, and we can all head out on a Sunday morning. Way more fun and safer to hike in a group.

Poker/Trivia nights

We also will set up trivia or game nights for our grads. Cheap fun good times.  Poker nights are the only times when ITA will make money on an event, but there is nothing I can do about that. You can try to take my money, but you will fail.

NFL football Sundays

There are great places to watch NFL on Sundays, and they are not at your local "tico" bar. We’ll let you know the secret places in Heredia and San Jose and then organize a Sunday Funday to watch all the games.


Meet at the school or other places for a quick, chilled-out BBQ and beers.


Leave Saturday afternoon after your classes and get back Sunday night. These overnighters will allow us to hit some of the amazing places that are a bit further from Heredia. Hundreds of options for these trips.

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