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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/31/2023

Don't have a college degree but want to teach abroad?

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Restrictions will vary from country to country due to government regulations of visa requirements, but the good news is you will definitely be able to get a teaching job, especially in Costa Rica.  Like most of Latin America, Costa Rica has a high demand for English teachers who are native speakers, and the language institutes here place more value on the TEFL/TESOL certificate than a university degree.  With the knowledge and skills from a TEFL/TESOL certificate from an accredited program plus native-speaking English abilities, you are able to provide students with a high quality experience learning English.

It is actually extremely common for students to take a year off during or before university to teach English abroad. Many people want to take a break before they put their head down and finish off their studies, and schools down here understand and respect it.  They welcome teachers who are here during their gap year.

During our intensive, one-month course in Costa Rica, you will acquire both the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective and dynamic ESL teacher regardless of your educational background. You will gain an excellent grasp of important grammar rules, a good base of different teaching techniques and a solid database of proven activities for use in the classroom.  You will get opportunities to observe experienced teachers in real ESL classes, plus multiple opportunities to teach real ESL students.  Our experienced trainers will give you assistance and feedback throughout the process in order to prepare you for your ESL teaching career.  

Don't let the fact that you don't have a college degree hold you back from the chance of a lifetime to explore the world!  Talk to us today about signing up for your 4-week TEFL course in Costa Rica!

TESOL Course Expectations

4-week TESOL Course in Costa Rica

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