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Don't Let These Misconceptions Prevent You From Living Your Dream

Don't Let These Misconceptions Prevent You From Living Your Dream

Every year we get to meet hundreds of people that have taken the plunge and left their homes with the purpose of pursuing a lifelong dream. Traveling overseas and teaching is mostly about proving to yourself that there is more out there, that you can do it, and that you don't have to live your life according to anyone else's rules.

If you're contemplating going for it and chasing your dreams, make sure these obstacles don't stand in your way!

"I won't know anyone there."

Although technically correct, you won't know anyone in whichever country you've decided to move to, this will only remain correct for a few more hours. If you selected the most popular form of housing, a homestay, you will then instantly beccome a part of a new family and be completely intergrated with them. Host families receive others all year, and they know how to break the ice and make you feel comfortable. You'll be eating home-cooked meals, learn the local language and have great tips on where to go and how to get there without needing a guidebook.

On your first day of class, you'll meet 8 or so other indivviduals in your identical situation. TEFL students tend to hit it off right away, since you're finally surrouunded by others that "get" what life is all about. TEFL students allow get to meet their expat instructors that know exactly what you are going through and are there to provide you with excellent advice. As if all of this wasn't enough, you'll get to meet dozens of students who are excited to meet their new teacher, and would often love to go out for a drink with you and get to know you and your culture.

Creating a Nice Social Circle while Living Abroad


"I don't speak the language."

Outside of the fact that this is an incredible opportunity to learn a new language, many countries in the world have a substantial percentage of the population that speaks English. Going to Thailand for example, would mean that meeting English speakers on the streets would be hard to come by since the government does not have an extensive English education program. Many countries however invest heavily in education to make sure tourists can easily interact with its citizens. Do a little research and find out if the country you are considering is like Costa Rica and have taken measures to make sure most people speak enough English to get by.

Spanish Courses

"I don't have enough money to travel."

If money is getting in the way of your dreams, then you'll want to check out our free country chart that breaks down over 50 countries and shows you which ones pay the most.  Compare salaries, hiring requirements,& interview procedures for teaching English in more than 50 different countries worldwide.

Budgeting in Costa Rica

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