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Getting TEFL Certified in Costa Rica | Updated: 01/21/2023

How our TEFL Trainees find Jobs in Costa Rica

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

A major concern for any TEFL student is, how will I find work after the course?  Job searches can be stressful even back home, let alone in a new country. Luckily, for our grads, finding work in Costa Rica is not difficult. 100% of our grads who take the course and want a teaching job find a job. If you work hard and make a solid effort in the job search, you will find work. Here are some reasons why.

Costa Rica is a HUGE ESL market

Costa Rica is filled with English schools, for both adult students and kids.  Costa Ricans and the Costa Rican government take learning English very seriously. They know that the best way to compete in today’s world is to have a high level of English.  Some take English for work, some for fun, and some because they have to, but ALL ticos at some point take English classes.

Our school contacts

After 14 years here in Costa Rica, we have built up a huge list of contacts, and great relationships with the English schools in the country.  Many schools here rely almost solely on our TEFL program to supply their teachers.  The reputation that we have earned by producing great teachers, means it is much easier for our grads to find jobs.


Our Location

Being in the Central valley gives our TEFL students an advantage over the other TEFL schools.  Our students often are able to go to interviews DURING the course and get hired BEFORE they even graduate.  Also our location allows English schools come to our building and pitch their schools to our TEFL students.

5 Reasons Why Costa Rica Is A TEFL Paradise

Teaching online

Teaching online is an emerging industry.  There are new online schools opening up all the time, which gives our grads even more opportunities to fill up their schedules.  Teach students from all over the world while sitting on a Costa Rican beach.

So have no fear, and contact us today to register for your 4-week, onsite TEFL course in Costa Rica!  

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