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New Course Option! 6-week virtual course

New Course Option!  6-week virtual course

With all of the recent changes in the world and travel restrictions, we've decided to make our TEFL training available to you virtually and with more flexibility!  

You can take our intensive, one-month course with the convenience of being in your own home as we conduct classes through Zoom and use platforms like Google Drive and Whatsapp. During the course, you will acquire both the necessary skills and knowledge to become an effective and dynamic ESL/EFL teacher. 

Our 6-week course has live classes two nights a week and on the weekends for $1300, with payment plans available! 

There are three important areas of focus which will ensure that you achieve this goal:

 - An excellent grasp of important English grammar rules

- A good base of different teaching approaches, methods and techniques

- A solid database of proven activities for use in the classroom for both adult and young learners

There are many components to this course:  class lectures and activities, textbook reading, online quizzes, papers and projects, and most importantly teaching with real ESL/EFL students.   You will be participating in live lectures multiple hours a day with one of our experienced and qualified trainers.  They will teach and review grammar, discuss and show teaching techniques and guide you through activities that are actually used in ESL/EFL classrooms.  Like all ITA graduates, you will receive the lifetime Job Search Guidance to help you take advantage of job opportunities that match your specific goals and qualifications.

During the month, you will teach four different lessons to real ESL/EFL students via Zoom.  During week one of the course, you will observe recorded ESL/EFL classes to see what it is like and what the students are capable of doing.  Then you will get a calendar of the dates and times and level of student you will be teaching.  There will be many opportunities for you to get feedback on the planning from your trainers.   While you teach your lesson via Zoom, you will be observed by an experienced teacher and a peer or two.  After the lesson, you will discuss the lesson and get constructive feedback to help you reflect and grow as a teacher.

Online teaching has been booming in the last few years and continues to be a great career option, so your virtual TEFL course will provide you with invaluable online learning and teaching experiences to prepare you for this option!  

As you can see, regardless of how the course is delivered, your virtual experience will not compromise the instruction or practicality of our Level 5 accredited course.

All virtual courses will be offered at the same time as all on-site courses, so check out our course dates.   If you are ready to register or to ask for more information, contact us today!  

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