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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 11/11/2022

Our Accredited TESOL/TEFL Course

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

See a lot about accreditation as you research your TESOL/TEFL course options but not sure what it is?  Let us explain!

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process of officially recognizing  educational and professional bodies as being qualified to certify students in a particular area. The process incorporates review and quality assurance approval from a recognized independent organization in the field.

Why is it important?

Accreditation ensures that your certification course meets quality standards in the level of instruction, the quality of the curriculum, inclusion of a practicum, extent of training and other areas. TEFL schools need to be externally accredited for the same reason universities are accredited: to ensure that quality and ethical standards are maintained and to recognize professional acceptance and recognition in the international job market. Reputable schools around the world will not typically hire English teachers who do not hold an accredited TEFL certification.

Who accredits our TESOL/TEFL course?

To ensure that our TEFL certification meets international standards in quality and deliverance, this curriculum has been externally monitored and approved for accreditation by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), an officially recognized Awarding Organization that is recognized and regulated by Ofqual, the British Government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards. TQUK is recognized as a leader in providing vocational and professional qualifications to colleges and private training providers in Education & Training, Social Care, and Health.  The curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements of a minimum of academic work and practicum (student teaching/observation) hours for a professional level TEFL certification.

All certifications awarded accreditation by TQUK to International TEFL Academy are externally monitored and reviewed by highly qualified experts. All training centers are visited by an External Verifier, an expert in the field, who assesses the quality procedures and administration prior to awarding accreditation. This ensures that International TEFL Academy TEFL courses and curriculum are thoroughly and personally vetted by independent experts.  All ITA run courses have a Level 5 Regulated status. 

Who oversees the accreditation company to legitimize them?

TQUK is an official Awarding Organization that is recognized and regulated by Ofqual, the British government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom.  

Now that you have a better understanding of accreditation and the importance of taking a TESOL course that is accredited, contact us to reserve your seat in one of our courses in Costa Rica!

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