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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/21/2023

Professional Development & Continuing Education with LYE (Learn YOUR English)

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Finished your TEFL course and add-ons with International TEFL Academy but looking for more tools and ideas to meet your learners' needs?  As educators, we believe it's imperative to continue developing your knowledge and skills to stay relevant and effective in your classroom.

Please allow us to introduce one of our preferred options for this professional development that you are looking for!  

Frustrated with the lack of creativity, ingenuity and drive among colleagues, a group of educators began working together to create new lessons, experimenting with approaches and techniques, and sharing ideas which developed into a community of like-minded and passionate teachers called Learn YOUR English.

Learn YOUR English (LYE) has a strong social media presence on Instagram and YouTube to provide information and inspiration for teachers.  They also have a podcast called "Teacher Talking Time," which is informative and jam-packed with great tips.  LYE offers resources for teachers and English language learners, including webinars highlighting important issues, theories and techniques.  

Teacher Professional Development Membership

Learn YOUR English doesn't believe professional development (PD) should be passive. They put into practice what they preach. As a member, you have the chance to attend webinars, listen to podcasts, and read relevant articles, but also design lessons, run your own webinars, teach classes, and apply what is discussed within your own context, making your efforts very practical and rewarding.

Honing your skills as teachers requires constant action. LYE strives to provide opportunities for professionals to develop autonomy in their learning and truly reflect on their practice. 

Current research suggests a minimum of 30 hours of PD for a teacher to experience measurable improvement. The LYE membership provides a minimum of ten hours per month of PD. 

If you love learning, developing, and taking risks in education, join this growing community of passionate professionals. Use our code "ITACR" to get 10% off your membership!  

Online Courses for Teachers

LYE also has an online catalog of short asynchronous courses that allow teachers to develop what they want and on their own schedule. All courses are self-paced and completely online, full of video, audio, tasks, readings, lesson design and interaction with other teachers. LYE believes professional development should be accessible, affordable, and effective, and has designed their courses with these principles in mind. 

The aims of these courses are:

  • To rethink teachers’ attitudes and perceptions about language learning which may have become ritualized;
  • To provide alternative approaches and solutions to language learning and teaching; 
  • To engage teachers in reflective practice; 
  • To provide teachers with practice designing their own practical activities and test out new ideas;
  • To change the definition, format, and implementation of “professional development.”

Contact LYE today for more information about their programs!  Interested in teaching English but not yet certified?  Contact us today about taking our onsite or online TEFL courses!  

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