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Teaching Online during COVID

Teaching Online during COVID

I would love to be able to predict the future with this COVID stuff happening. That would make my life a lot easier. However, I cannot predict when borders will open up or when schools will get back to normal. What I am telling people is it is better to stop making plans based on opening borders. It's better to get your certificate done NOW virtually and then when the borders open up you will be ready to pack your bags with the certificate in hand.

I understand more than anyone the desire to ONLY think of taking our course on site in amazing exotic countries, but we need to adapt. Here are my opinion ideas why you should consider "gettin' 'er done now" virtually rather than waiting to take your course abroad.

1) Governments have been kicking the can down the road for MONTHS already delaying the opening of borders. There is no reason to have a firm belief that they won't continue to do so.

2) Once schools are open and borders open up, there will be a HUGE vacuum of jobs available with no teachers in-country to fill those jobs. Anyone who is already certified and ready to travel and fill those job openings will have a HUGE advantage over those who still need to take the month course before they can be certified and apply for those job openings. 

3) You can start working online immediately while you wait for the borders to open. This is great for 2 reasons. 1) you start making money from home so you have more money when you are ready to travel. 2) You are getting teacher experience so when you are applying for jobs you can already tell those schools that you have teaching experience, which will give you a leg up on all the teachers applying for those jobs with zero experience.

4) When you are ready to come down, you already have a job teaching online. You can simply continue that same job when you are down here, if you want. Therefore you are not starting at ground zero. You only need to top off your hours with in-person school hours. You might even love your online classes so much you won't need to top off very much if anything.

5) Depending on the country you travel to, teaching online can pay A LOT MORE than teaching in person. This means you can work teaching online very few hours a week and still make a solid living wage. For example in Costa Rica, where I live, online teachers can have a nice comfortable lifestyle working as few as 10-15 hours/week if they are teaching online. That leaves lots of free time for enjoying life and travel.

6) Teaching online allows you to teach anywhere in the world, so for example if you want to live in a small population beach town you can, because you are teaching online. If after a few weeks you want to change locations/countries, you can and still keep the same online job. 100% total flexibility for your teaching abroad schedule. Work where you want for as long as you want. Move on if you want, or stay put if you want. 100% flexibility.

If you want, I can make this amazing dream a reality for you. I have been teaching all over the world for over 20 years and, along with ITA, have helped more than 30,000 graduates take on this dream. It's yours if you want it. Let's set up a call. Doesn't hurt to chat.

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