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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 12/04/2022

Things to Do In and Around Heredia

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

You don't have to get out of town to enjoy the best of Costa Rica. 

Heredia and its surrounding area has a lot to offer in terms of nature, tico culture, and a great night life. Heredia is a wonderful mix of small town charm with all the conveniences of a larger city. Heredia is also the College capital of Costa Rica with several universities in town including the National University. This means there is no lack of students eager to meet new people and make new friends. Here are a few of the things you can do in and around Heredia on weekends when you don't feel like travelling.

Poas Volcano

One of the largest active volcanoes in the world (1.6 km diameter crater), Poas is a very popular treat for students who want a quick memorable day trip. The crater and the hike around the national park is well worth the trip especially if you don't come from a part of the world where a large active volcano is a short drive away.


La Paz Waterfall Garden

Often combined with the Poas volcano trip, La Paz is one of our favourite things to do around Heredia. A wildlife reserve for rescued animals to start, combined with absolutely amazing trails that lead you to several huge waterfalls, plus a really good buffet lunch. Basically you can see every animal in Costa Rica within a 3 hour walk. We couldn't say which is our favourite: the monkeys, snakes, hummingbirds, big cats, toucans, sloths, or macaws. A tad pricey at $38 plus $13 for the lunch, but if you have some extra to spend, you will never forget it.

Oxigeno Human Playground

Think mall with a food court, movie theater and lots of stores, but with a nice outdoor area for hanging out and enjoying the views and other attractions like a climbing wall and ropes course.  Oxigeno is a ten-minute taxi ride from the school in Barva!

Paseo de las Flores Mall

OK it’s another mall, but sometimes you just want/need to get to a mall. There is a movie theater, and some damn good bars are there.

Museo de Cultura (Barva)

It´s free, and it's close to Barva school. Plus it is pretty interesting to see the vegetation and old style buildings. It’s also a nice place to have a traditional lunch after touring around. Don’t expect the most amazing thing in the world, but most people who go are happy they did.  Only open on Sundays.

Barva Volcano Hike

A very popular hike. Takes about 6 hours and is no piece of cake by any means, but for those who are up to the challenge, it is another memorable thing to do and you can check "hiked up a volcano" off your bucket list.

Central Park Heredia

 The central park is the most important part of any Costa Rican town, and Heredia is no different. A perfect place for chilling out and people watching, plus the most recognisable landmark in Heredia, the 1867 old fort. Many question the design of the holes which appear to be back asswards, allowing projectiles easy access inside.

Saturday Feria (farmer’s market)

A must for those who want a pure tico cultural experience. 2 quadrillion ticos all buying their weekly fruits and vegetables on the same Street. Check it out, if you like it you will be there every week getting your weekly fixings. Super cheap, super fresh, delicious. On Avenida 14 in the south end of Heredia.


Just Wandering

The thing I like to do most in any new city is just wander around with no purpose (except to work up a thirst and find a good place to quench it) Heredia is a great town for just aimlessly walking and checking out the stores, houses and people going about their everyday lives. If you get lost or better yet, when you get lost, just ask people for the central park and start over again.

Café Britt

Not my favourite, but I am in the minority. Most people really like this tour. It is also very highly ranked on Trip Advisor, so I will let the majority speak.

Hotel Monte Campana

Lots of fun activities only a few minutes from the school. Zip lining, quads, rappelling, jacuzzi and some good food, all at a really reasonable price. A fun day that won't torture your wallet.

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