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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/26/2023

Three Excuses You'll Tell Yourself Not To Teach Abroad

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

If you’re looking to get TEFL certified and eventually travel and work abroad, you’re no doubt asking yourself a million questions. You'll also run into these three common hurdles that are mostly self-imposed and the biggest threat to getting in the way of living your dream. 

Ignoring The Naysayers

If you’ve shared your dream of working and living abroad, you’ve no doubt already encountered a lot of negative feedback. This generally comes from people who are older than you, but can come from just about anywhere 

Living abroad is a dream many people have had. Since they’ve had this dream, and have not realized it, it means that their heads are already filled with all of the reasons why you shouldn’t go either.

To help convince them that it is a good idea, get them involved in the process. Ask your advisor if they would mind speaking with them directly to help ease their concern. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and filtering the truths from the lies will help ease all doubts.

Learning a New Language

This factor is a bit in your hands. You can certainly choose to live in a country that speaks the same language, but chances are you’ll want to learn a new language while you teach English. If English is the primary language, chances are there would not be many jobs available for ESL.

The key to overcome this fear is to move somewhere that can provide you with a network of people who also speak English. Where you get certified should provide you with a network of sorts that allows you to connect with ex-alumni and current students.

An alumni network is one of the biggest assets available to any new teacher. Whether it be finding an apartment, learning the bus routes, or finding the best spots to go out at night, alumni can provide you withreal insight you can’t find in a travel book.

Spanish Classes

Finding a Job

One of the biggest fears that is shared with us is the fear of moving to a new country and not finding a job after graduating from the TEFL class. Choosing a TEFL academy that offers an extensive job guidance program with international connections is an excellent place to start to tackle this fear. Once again you are not alone. Getting TEFL certified in the country you plan on teaching is a huge advantage over anyone moving there and expecting to find a job without a large network guiding them.

How our TESOL Trainees find Jobs in Costa Rica

Speaking To An Advisor

We know how difficult it is to pull the trigger on moving to a new country and embarking on a life-altering event. This is why we provide free consultation calls with an advisor. Don't hesitate to contact us to book a call with someone that has taught abroad, and knows exactly what obstacles you are facing!

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