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Top 12 "Tico" Words

Top 12

Words that you won’t find in your dictionaries, but you will hear daily from your tico friends.


Spanish Classes

1.  Pura vida!  (awesome) Example;  El es muy pura vida         (He’s a cool guy.)


2.  Mae  (dude, man)     Example:  Que pasa, mae?    (What’s happening, dude?)


3.  Tuanis   (cool, awesome)     Example: --Como esta?   --Tuanis!  (--How are you? – Awesome!)


4.  Diay!   (What the hell!)     Example:  Diay! Que pasa?     (What the hell’s going on?)


5.  Chunche  (thing)   Example:  Pasame este chunche.       (Pass me that thing.)


6.  Salado(a) (too bad, tough luck)    Example:  No trajo plata? Salado!    (You didn’t bring money? Too bad for you!)                    


7.  Goma  (hangover)    Example:  Tengo goma.    (I’ve got a hangover.)


8.  Polo(a) (tacky, cheesy, without class)    Example:  Mira!  Que mujer mas pola, usando tenis y vestido!  (Look!  What a tacky lady, wearing tennis shoes with a dress!)   


9.  Chicha   (anger)     Example:  Tengo chichas.           (I’m cranky.)


10.  Dele  (Go for it!)    Example:  --Tengo espacio?  --Si, dele!      (--Do I have room?  --Yeah, go for it!)


11.  Brete  (work)      Example:  Tengo mucho brete.      (I’ve got a lot of work.)


12.  Chepe  (San Jose)   Example:  Voy a chepe manana.   (I’m going to San Jose tomorrow.)


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