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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 11/15/2022

Top 5 Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Costa Rica

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Are you vegan or vegetarian and wondering what your options are as you prepare to move to Costa Rica to teach English?  In the past few years, vegetarian and vegan restaurants have become a huge hit here, not only for vegetarians and vegans but also for many people without diet restrictions and even for meat lovers who are curious to try something new and different from what they normally eat.

As a vegetarian, it can sometimes be hard to eat out with friends or eat out in general, or even to know where to start looking, but we've found a few amazing vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. 


Heredia is a rather small and quiet area. Its downtown area has a decent amount of restaurants for all kinds of tastes, and of course there are a couple vegetarian and vegan restaurants!

Loving Hut Costa Rica

Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan

Location:  From the Northwest corner of the National University of Costa Rica, 3 blocks West and 25 meters South.

This is our favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Heredia:  great service and food for a good price!  The restaurant is relatively small, but with great food and a friendly staff.  It serves lunch and coffee, and welcomes big groups and is kid-friendly. The restaurant also has a delivery service. 

Favorite dish: Our favorite dish, so far, has been the falafel pita!  It’s loaded with veggies and a delicious sauce, with delicious falafels all in a warm and soft pita bread.

Price range: Dishes range from 3000 colones to 5500 colones.



Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan Bakery

Location:  400 meters West from Bar España, in front of Novoa sushi, Mercedes Norte

Opened within the last year, Passiflory is a very small bakery and pizza shop. Nearly all of their breads are vegan, and their pizzas are light and delicious and vegetarian. They also sell jam, a drink similar to kombucha, cheese made with local cow’s milk, sauerkraut, choucroute and canelés, as well as palosanto. This place is very affordable and the staff is very friendly and eager to help.

Favorite dish: The pizza is amazing!  All ingredients are locally and organically grown.  The crust is fluffy and very easy to eat. The sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, and the cheese is very light and soft.

Price range: Breads range from 2000 to 4000 colones.

San Jose 

San Jose has the widest array of restaurants in Costa Rica from Indian to Korean and even Peruvian food. Therefore, it’s very easy to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants all over the capital. There are many options, and we haven't been to all of them, but the following made our list! 

Coma Verde

Cuisine: Vegetarian and Vegan 

Location: Avenue 7B, 15th and 17th street. 10101 San José, Costa Rica

Our favorite vegetarian restaurant in San Jose!  It’s an average-sized restaurant with a homey feeling. The owner and his staff are very friendly and eager to help and explain the menu. Their world-famous bowls are their specialty; you can pick and choose what you want to add to your bowl: a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, proteins and toppings. They also offer pizzas, smoothies, desserts, and much more. The service is great, and they also offer delivery service.

Favorite dish: Our favorite dish is their world-famous bowl because you can choose what you want and add as much as you want.  You can create a refreshing bowl or a protein-loaded bowl.  It’s never the same, and that’s what makes it exciting!

Price range: from 2000 to 8000 colones

La Gucheria

Cuisine: Sandwich restaurant

Location:11503 Mercedes, San Jose, Costa Rica

This sandwich restaurant is not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for carnivores and omnivores. They cater to all types of people and have recently expanded their restaurant. Apart from the restaurant they also have an organic garden from which they take most of the ingredients for not only on their sandwiches, but also their salads and natural juices.  The sandwiches come with a delicious salad, or you can add extra sides like sweet potato wedges or potato wedges, soups, etc. They also have a wide variety of desserts. It is truly a unique way to experience a sandwich.  The service is great, and the staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Favorite dish: Our favorite sandwich is the Lebanese.  It’s a sandwich with a falafel patty, a delicious sauce, fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomato and a very fluffy bun.  Our mouth is watering just remembering it!  

Price range: from 3000 to 7000 colones

El Arból de Seda 

Cuisine: Vegetarian and vegan 

Location:542 Barrio Escalante, San Jose, Costa Rica

This restaurant is owned by two women who have been working hard to make it what it is today. It is located in a very nice neighborhood in San Jose.  It’s quite big, and the staff is very friendly. They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee and cocktails as well as some of the best vegan and vegetarian desserts ever!  They also have all kinds of activities from time to time, like live music.

Favorite dish: Our favorite dish was the chocolate cheesecake with nibs. It’s very smooth and not too sweet. One of the best cheesecakes in Costa Rica!

Price range: from 3,500 to 7000 colones

The following didn't make our Top 5 list, however, we also recommend checking out these restaurants in San Jose for more vegan and vegetarian options:  El Buhó, Shakti, La Oliva Verde, Café Rojo, Luvburger and Mantras.

So if you are vegan or vegetarian or just looking to explore the cuisine Costa Rica has to offer, talk to us today about taking our 4-week ESL teacher training in Costa Rica!

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