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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/23/2023

Top 6 Outdoor Activities To Do During Your TEFL Course in Costa Rica

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Costa Rica was made for being outdoors. Gorgeous weather and amazing nature make this a haven for those who love to enjoy their days outside. The country urges and even forces you to be active and get outside. Even when your body or mind wants to be at one with the sofa, the sun and the perfect temperature acts like a magnet that pulls you in the direction of the front door. This doesn’t have to mean killing yourself with strenuous exercise. Ticos love taking it easy, but it’s so much better taking it easy outside, enjoying life in the outdoor sun.

6 - Walking

Sooo many any of our TEFL students lose weight while they are down here, and although it can also be chalked up to the healthy diet they culturally absorb, plus a more all-around active lifestyle, a major reason is because they simply walk more. Every day!! Pounds melt away simply because our students are getting back to basics and using their feet rather than Uber.  Why take a car, taxi or when it is such a gorgeous morning? 

Why jump on a bus when the birds are singing and the sun is shining? Distances that seemed absurd to walk back home, become quite reasonable and enjoyable in beautiful Costa Rica. Our students walk to school, the store, friends’ houses, or simply just to go for a walk. It’s just simply a part of the Pura Vida Costa Rican lifestyle.

5 - Biking

Ticos LOVE biking. In fact on weekends the roads are often littered with bikers. Both obvious die hards, but also weekend warriors and people just getting some exercise while enjoying the scenery and beautiful weather. It’s a great way to get to work, or just to explore and get some exercise. I brought my bike down from home when I came and it was a great decision.


4 - Hiking

Costa Rica, and especially the central valley of Costa Rica, offers a ton of hiking opportunities. Volcanoes, rain forests, and amazing trails are all over the country. Lots of our students, regardless of hiking ability, put on their walking shoes, pack a lunch, and head for the fantastic nature that Costa Rica has to offer.  Costa Rica is amazing in that, unless you live in the dead center of San Jose, great hiking trails are always near.

Hiking to Cerro Dantas (Monte de la Cruz)

3 - Surfing and Beach Stuff

Costa Rica is synonymous with tropical beaches, for good reason. When people think of Costa Rica, they think of the beaches. We have world famous beaches here, whether you are looking for active sports like surfing or kayaking, or just want to chill on the white sand and have a couple of cervezas (I mentioned above that being outside doesn’t have to be heart pounding calorie burning active time). Beach life is pretty self-explanatory. You know you want it. Enjoy the Pura Vida!

Top Beaches in Costa Rica

2 - Yoga

There is a reason that there are a billion yoga retreats and yoga schools in Costa Rica. The reason is that the nature and the culture create a fantastic atmosphere for yoga. I can't say that I know anything about yoga, all I know is that my TEFL students are constantly telling me how much they love doing yoga down here.

1- Chillin' in a Hammock

Nobody said that outdoor life needed to be active. Enjoying outdoors in Costa Rica can be done every day here, regardless if you feel tired, lazy, or hungover. All you need is a hammock, or beach chair and some flip flops. Grab a coffee or beer, a book or your phone, and chill out. Studying, lesson planning, reading, facebooking, or just contemplating life. All can be sooo much more enjoyably when you are doing them in the beautiful Costa Rican sun. Ticos take great pride in their ability to enjoy the simple things in life. Many of these things are enjoyed, chillin' in a hammock.

Regardless of which activity you prefer, start your journey in Costa Rica TODAY by contacting us to reserve your seat in one of our 4-week, onsite TEFL trainings!  

Playa Jacó Day Trip

A Weekend in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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