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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 11/05/2022

Top 8 Restaurants in Barva & Heredia

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Not only will you get to experience the cuisine of Costa Rica during your time with us during the 4-week, onsite TEFL course, but you will also get a chance to taste some of our favorite foods offered at these restaurants in the area!  Some might even be new cultural experiences for you!  Check out some of our favorite restaurants around Barva and in Heredia!

1 - Pupusas Divino Niño, Barva

Authentic Salvadorean pupusas right around the corner from the school! Never had pupusas before?  They are thick, tortilla-like goodness stuffed with whatever you'd like: chicken, cheese, refried beans, pork, etc.  Let's just say we are regular customers...

2 - La Luna de Valencia, San de Pedro de Barva

Who knew a nice, authentic Spanish restaurant could be found in a small town like Barva!  The Spanish owner is almost always present and walking around to greet his guests.  Live music on the weekends, and the sangria and paella can't be skipped!  Paella is a typical Spanish rice dish normally served with seafood.

3 - Barveño Steakhouse, Barva

Sometimes you just need a good steak and some potatoes. Fun decor and good drinks, and just a couple of blocks from the park in Barva!

4 - Restaurante Chago's, Barva Volcano Entrance

Fresh mountain air with great appetizers and cold beer in a quaint place.  We love the chicharrones (fried pork), plantains, and yuca among many others! Doesn't get much better! Not to mention the frequent "neighbors" from the forest, the martillas, that regularly visit the restaurant.  Such a great experience!

5 - Nachos Restaurante, Barva

Although Nachos used to be a popular bar in Heredia, they've moved up to Barva and become another great option for our students. Good bar food and drinks with a great view, and within walking distance of the school!

6 - La Parrillita de Pepe, Heredia & San Joaquín

Authentic Colombian food in a fun environment.  Our favorite?  The arepas, of course! What's an arepa?  Like a pupusa, an arepa is thick, tortilla-like bread that is grilled and stuffed with a number of options. Colombian arepas are generally a little crunchier or chewier than a Venezuelan arepa or a pupusa. 

7 - Sushi Home, Heredia

Maybe not the best sushi in the world, but definitely the best in Heredia!

8 - Restaurante Leño y Carbón Parrillita, Heredia

As the name suggests, a great place for grilled meat and seafood.  Lots of sampler plates that can be shared in groups!

Have fun exploring Barva and Heredia by way of food, and don't be afraid to try something new!  Haven't registered for your 4-week, onsite TEFL course in Barva yet?  Contact us today!

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