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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | 12/04/2018


Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

TEFL/TESOL is the certification an English speaker needs in order to teach English in Costa Rica and all over the world. Having this certificate means that you not only speak English, but you have been properly trained in grammar and teaching techniques, to be able to explain your language to a non-native speaker. A TEFL certificate allows you to be hired by quality, professional schools so you can get a good salary and have a comfortable lifestyle in the country you choose. 

Teaching Salaries in Costa Rica

You can either get TEFL-certified online (11 weeks) or take the course here in beautiful Costa Rica (4 weeks). After you finish your course, you will get lifetime job guidance here in Costa Rica from us, and all over the world from our parent company, International TEFL Academy, based in Chicago. 

Your certificate never expires and you can take as many months or years off between teaching jobs as you want. Looking into the future, yourcertificate is also an excellent way to enjoy your retirement years

A TEFL certificate will give you the adventure of a lifetime. Imagine hiking through a rain forest up to a volcano, or paddling through a gentle river to see where the giant leatherback turtles nest, or of course, watching the sunset on one of Costa Rica's many gorgeous beaches. 

A TEFL/TESOL certificate allows you to meet amazing people as hungry for adventure as you are. The bonding that happens when people are living abroad is intense, to say the least. The friends you meet, both fellow travelers, and locals, are yours for life, as are the amazing memories you share. 


If I speak English, why do I need a TEFL certificate? Can't I just teach my own language? 

The short answer is no. Just because you speak English doesn't mean you have the foggiest idea how to teach others your language. If you were in front of a group of students right now who speak zero English, are you confident you could teach them? If you had a more advanced group in front of you, could you explain the difference between a 3rd conditional sentence and a mixed conditional sentence? You need to be properly trained.

I have been a teacher in the States/Canada for many years, Can't I get a job without a TEFL certificate? 

As much respect I have for teachers from Canada, the States etc, teaching experience doesn't mean you can teach ESL. Even people who taught English in their own countries never taught ESL to people who speak little or no English. It is not the same thing. Schools want TEFL trained teachers. It is like saying, I was a swimming coach, therefore I should be able to coach hockey.

Is there an age limitation?

There is no age limitation or problems for older teachers finding jobs in Costa Rica. In fact, we usually have 3 or 4 people in their 50's/60's in each course. 100% of them have found jobs after graduation. 

Do I need a degree?

You do not need a degree to teach in Costa Rica. It is very common for people to embark on this great adventure before they graduate university, or before they even start.

How much is the course?

Course price $1650

Accommodations $625 food included (3 meals/day for 30 days)

Online course price $1299

Let me know at luke@costaricatesol.com if you are interested in teaching abroad or if you have any questions. I'm here to help. 


Costa Rica TEFL Course Dates

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