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| 12/20/2017

Where Are They Now? -Jayme

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Have you wondered how teaching English abroad will affect your life and your career?  Our grad Jayme took our 4-week, onsite TEFL course in January 2015 and is now back in the States after living and teaching in Costa Rica.  See how the course and her time abroad has changed her life!


Where are you living and working now?

I am living in Tabroro, North Carolina and work as a 1st grade teacher. 

When were you in Costa Rica?

I took the 4-week, TEFL course at International TEFL Academy in Costa Rica in January 2015 and was hired immediately after the course by Idiomas Mundiales to teach English.

How many Alumni does ITA Costa Rica have?

What is your favorite memory of your time in Costa Rica?

There are too many amazing memories to chose one favorite, but I had an amazing time when some of my English students who were engineers invited me to watch a soccer game with them one day after work. One of them drove me on his motorcycle the short distance to the stadium in San Jose, and I got a Costa Rica national jersey and had a very authentic experience with them!

What did you learn while you were living in Costa Rica?

I learned more Spanish first of all!  Also, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of living and how delicious real tropical fruit is. 

How did your time in Costa Rica affect your current job, life, etc.?

In addition to my teaching experience, my time in Costa Rica affected my current life because I can share cultural experiences I had with my 1st grade students, and it has allowed me to be more open-minded in general.

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What would you recommend for others considering taking the TEFL course and living in Costa Rica to teach ESL?

Yes! I would absolutely recommend it to everyone, and I would recommend that you stay in Costa Rica for a long time!

When are YOU going to join our alumni family by taking one of our 4-week, onsite TEFL courses in Costa Rica?  Contact us today!

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