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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/18/2023

Where can I teach ESL without a university degree?

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

As we previously discussed, not having a degree shouldn't scare you away from teaching English abroad and taking our 4-week TEFL training in Costa Rica!  We will impart the knowledge and skills necessary to help you successfully teach English as a Foreign/Second Language.

11 Things You Will Learn in Your 4-Week Costa Rica TEFL Class

Concerning your opportunities to find work as an English teacher, you should be well-informed and understand that every country has different expectations.  However, let's discuss some of your options!

Teaching in Costa Rica

Although there are a handful of language institutes in Costa Rica that offer work visas and require university degrees, there are even more institutes that do not.  Actually, institutes, like Intercultura in Heredia that do offer these work visas to their full-time teachers, will still offer part-time hours or allow non-degree holding teachers to be substitute teachers. Other institutes like Idiomas Mundiales, Pro-Language, English2Go, SpeakHabla and Lapa Verde only require their English teachers to be TEFL-certified. 

Please note that it is very common for English teachers in Costa Rica to work split-shifts and to get part-time hours at multiple language institutes. During the TEFL training at International TEFL Academy Costa Rica, not only will you get the opportunity to meet grads that work for a number of language institutes and schools in San Jose and Heredia, you will hear from recruiters that present throughout the month.

How our TEFL Trainees find Jobs in Costa Rica

Teaching Online

The popularity of teaching English online has grown rapidly in the last couple of years and is a great option for teachers who are looking to supplement their income or who are traveling and want to earn some cash at the same time.  Although a large percentage of the online companies are based out of China and require teachers to have a university degree, don't worry!  There are some options for those of you with no degree!  For instance, ABC360, Cambly, Open English, PalFish, and SkimaTalk currently offer work to teachers with a TEFL certificate, even if they are not college graduates. 

As International TEFL Academy graduates, you will receive an extensive list of online employers and access to other resources, like Facebook groups, that will help you decide which option is the best for you!

International TEFL Academy Job Search Guidance

Teaching Around the World

For those of you that want to be in Latin American but haven't yet finished university, there are a number of opportunities available. In addition to Costa Rica, you will be able to find language institutes that hire teachers without degrees in countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua and Argentina.

Do you want to experience life in Europe? Spain and Russia are two of the countries that typically offer work to certified-TEFL teachers, even if they don't have a bachelor's degree. 

If you are interested in going to Asia, please consider what you already know about education and how it is typically valued in these cultures.  As you can imagine, many Asian countries, like China and Japan, will help EFL teachers get work visas and require applicants to already have a university degree.  However, Cambodia is one example of an Asian country that does offer work to non-degree holders!

Want more information and access to resources on finding a teaching job despite not having a degree?  Talk to us today about taking one of our month-long courses in Costa Rica!

FAQ about the 4-week TEFL Course in Costa Rica

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