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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 02/11/2023

Who Takes the TEFL Course in Costa Rica?

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

People always ask what our typical TESOL trainees are like.  It's hard to put them all in one category, so let us describe the five main types of students we have seen over the years.

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1 - Travel Lovers/Professional Nomads

Although many of our students have this in their heart to some degree, we have trained many diehard travelers.  They can't stop exploring and need a way to afford it financially, so they've decided to get certified to teach English.  Three months here, six months there, but never broke!

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2 - College Grads

Fresh from university, many of our students take anywhere from a few months to year or two to live abroad before jumping into the corporate world.  Not only do they get a chance to experience other cultures and make life-long memories, they get some international experience which looks fantastic on any resume.

3 - Career Changers

We all know burnout is real.  Ask many of our TEFL trainees; that's why they are here with us.  They are looking for something new but want a chance to escape from it all for a while.  They quit their jobs, take our course and live abroad for a while before returning home to look for a new job or even career.


4 - Retirees

Believe it or not, many of our TEFL trainees are retirees looking for a new adventure.  Some come with a partner or spouse, while others are taking it on all on their own.  While they may not need to work for financial reasons, they find ESL teaching an easy way to get connected to the community they are living in.

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5 - High School Grads/Gap Year Students

While not the most common of our TEFL students, we occasionally have young trainees who have recently graduated from high school and are trying to decide where they'd like to go to college or what they'd like to study.  Additionally, some of our trainees take the course during a "gap year" as they search for direction on their educational and professional career. On the same accord, many of our students join us during their summer breaks in college.

Regardless of how you classify yourself, when will you take the leap into this great adventure?  Contact us today!  

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