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Why is Costa Rica a top destination for teachers looking to get TEFL certified?


Costa Rica encompasses only 0.3% of the world's surface, but is the home of 5% of earth's biodiversity.

The country has many different kinds of forest from dry ones in the sothern pacific to the famous rain forest of Monte Verde, making it a breathing live lab.



In just 0.03% of the world’s surface!

A true living, breathing laboratory offering the right conditions for R&D. Our thriving Life Sciences Sector is living proof of that.



Nature has been our heritage and even the batteries our country’s energy supply.

We want to make sure it continues that way for generations to come.



The coolest places ever!

Coco’s Island National Park, Guanacaste Conservation Area, and Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves

Why are there so many ESL teaching jobs in Costa Rica?

The Costa Rica government invests heavily on making it known that its people speak English. They do this to help convince international companies that Costa Rica is an excellent choice to relocate to. Costa Rica relies heavily on the work provided by large multinational companies such as Western Union, Oracle, IBM, HP, Walmart and Amazon. In all, over 120 multinational companies have set up shop in Costa Rica.

This means Costa Rica needs to deliver in its promise of having a work force that excels in English. Costa Ricans know that English is the key to success, and are driven to learn and perfect the English language. This means that the ESL industry is thriving. Private schools, language schools, universites and even pre-schools are looking for qualified ESL teachers to help teach the English language to its students.

This is the primary reason why it is so easy to find work as an English teacher. There are more jobs than there are teachers. Here is a pledge that has been made by the Costa Rican government:


Our second language is English but we know a few more.

We have proven to be a country with many skills. One of them is the ability to easily learn new languages. We have set a goal to become a fully bilingual country in the next decade through the Costa R rica Multilingual program. But for now we have the leading command of English in Latin America. Take a look

Some interesting statistics on Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is now the top exporter of high value added services in all of Latin America. Costa Rica has even moved ahead of South America giants Chile and Brazil. This means there are endless job opportunities for those who speak English at a high level. This translate to thousands of ESL jobs to help meet the high demand of quality English classes.

Costa Rica also invests heavily in its educational system. According to the United Nations Human Development Report in 2013, Costa Rica’s literacy rate is 96.2%.

The ESL job market is made up primarily of young adults looking to gain a competitive advantage. Each year, there are about 400,000 students

Costa Rica is also experiencing a massive boom in employment that requires English speakers. Since 2000, Costa Rica has grown from having six multinational companies to 120 multinational companies.

High value added services which require English speakers has increased from 1.3% of GDP to 5.8% of GDP. In all, this makes up for $2,365,000,000 in exports of services.

Below is a graph that displays just how much Costa Rica has grown since

International Awards

Costa Rica is the second most consolidated democracy in all of Latin-America. Costa Rica s also tops multiple lists in the The Global Competitiveness Report, such as: