Meet The Staff

Melanie Lubinus, M.Ed.
Head Teacher
Melanie is originally from South Dakota, USA. She studied Spanish, education, ESL, and Latin American Area Studies at South Dakota State University. Before moving to Costa Rica, she taught High School Spanish in California for five years. She has been teaching English at Idiomas Mundiales since completing her TEFL/TESOL certification course in Costa Rica. Melanie is passionate about teaching and has a desire to help other teachers reach their highest potential. She received her M.Ed. in English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education with American College of Education.
Molly Kirksey, M.AT.
Teacher Trainer
Molly took the course with us back in 2015. Originally she is from Georgia, USA, and since joining the team has brought a unique skill set that she is keen to pass on to new teachers. Molly has a masters in teaching plus many years experience teaching young learners and kids. She loves the outdoors and her cat, Nacho. Her favorite food is also Nachos!
Mike Roberts
Teacher Trainer & Student Relations
Mike has been supporting the staff and student teachers here since he graduated with us in 2017. Originally from England, Mike moved to Costa Rica to pursue a career in teaching English. After discovering a new passion, he joined the team to help others realize theirs. He has many years experience in ESL teaching with us and will make you laugh everyday. 
Georgianella Grant
Student Relations
Georgianella is our proud Costa Rica expert. She has crafted the culture for providing a pleasant and efficient student experience. Her values include always being respectful, informative, and collaborative, which will make you feel like you’ve got a partner on your side who cares. Georgia is also the co-founder of Idiomas Mundiales, one of the fastest growing English Language Schools in the country that specializes in corporate classes.
Karen Montero
Born and raised in Barva Costa Rica, Karen is the true definition of a "tica", very welcoming, helpful and loves her country. She has been part of our student affairs team since 2012. Her warmth and her willingness to help has made a difference in our staff and in our students stay during and after the course. Karen is the go to person for any administrative issue, general information or a simple word of encouragement. Her positivism and her smile are just contagious!!
Patrick Brunelle
Patrick Brunelle graduated from Lakehead University, in 2002. He received a Bachelors degree in English Literature, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Patrick taught for two years in Canada, until he decided to seek a change and moved to Costa Rica. Patrick has been teaching ESL since 2005, and was one of the co-founders of Idiomas Mundiales. Patrick’s vision of constantly developing curriculum, and never being satisfied with one’s knowledge, allowed Idiomas Mundiales to quickly expand to three location over the span of just a few short years. His curriculum is currently being used with companies such as Western Union.

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