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Getting TEFL Certified in Costa Rica | Updated: 11/03/2022

3 Benefits to Taking the TEFL Course with ITA Costa Rica

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

There are a number of benefits to taking the four-week onsite TEFL course in Costa Rica, but let us share with you three of the greatest.

1 - An Accredited Certificate that Never Expires

Not only does International TEFL Academy use a state-of-the-art curriculum designed to train you in the best techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, it has been externally monitored and approved for accreditation by TQUK, an officially recognized awarding organization.  The curriculum meets all requirements for a professional level TEFL certification.

Upon completion of the course, you will be issued a numbered certificate and will never be required to renew or update it.  This makes it a great option for a lifelong career or for job options between positions or seasons of life, and it looks great on any resume.

2 - Lifetime Job Assistance

It's challenging finding a job regardless of where you live, so International TEFL Academy has mastered the ins-and-outs of the ESL market around the world, especially here in Costa Rica.  During the 4-week course, different institutes and schools will come to the course to talk to you about their available positions and the possibilities of working with them once you finish the course.  Additionally, we are constantly being contacted by hiring bodies and always share that information with our grads. 

You will receive guidance on ESL resumes and cover letters during the course and can ask for assistance even after you've finished the course.  By taking the TESOL course in Costa Rica, you will gain access to hundreds of job search resources including webinars for teaching around the world, a 400-page job search manual including a worldwide language school finder and advice from expert advisors.

Lifetime Job Search Guidance for Gaining Employment Teaching English Abroad

3 - Alumni Network

With more than 10,000 graduates teaching English in 80 countries around the world, we have an international community of teachers and travelers.  So not only will you become lifelong friends with your classmates during the TESOL course in Costa Rica, you will instantly be connected to colleagues around the world with whom you can share stories and network. 

In addition to being on Instagram and LinkedIn, we have alumni groups on Facebook specific for each country or even special interest groups.  Here our grads find information about jobs, roommates or even cultural information.  Alumni meet-ups are scheduled around the world on a regular basis as well.  Finally, by participating in contests or submitting content, you are eligible for rewards.

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