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3 Ways to Improve Your Students' Writing Skills

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Although your students' writing skills may not be practiced often in your English classes, it is crucial that you give them opportunities to hone this skill because they will be using it all the time in the real world.  Follow these three steps to develop your students' writing.

3 Important ESL Classroom Techniques

1 - Write Regularly

Just because your students doesn't ask you to practice their writing regularly, doesn't mean you should avoid it.  You should be giving them many opportunities to write in a week, if not daily.  Devoting to this practice in class will make the task of writing seem less daunting for your learners.  One of the ways to hold your students accountable to writing regularly is by asking them to keep a journal.  Writing in a journal is a low-pressure way to help your learners become fluent writers. 

2 - Practice Different Types of Writing

Journaling should not be the only writing your students do.  In the working world, they will be asked to write a variety of things:  emails, letters, reports, memos, presentations, and so much more.  Therefore, you should be practicing all of these and more in the meantime in your class.  Show your students samples, make note of the different parts and the type of language used for each, then start writing! 

3 - Give Feedback

After writing a draft of whatever style your currently practicing in class, make sure you look at it and give your feedback to help the students edit.  Their peers can also give feedback by pointing out punctuation or spelling mistakes and suggesting changes to the language used or the format.  A second pair of eyes will give your learners a fresh perspective and help them improve.

Following these three steps will ensure your students are the writers their employers need them to be. Want to learn more techniques for being a successful EFL teacher?  Sign up for our TEFL certification course today!

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