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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 12/24/2022

A Day at the Amusement Park in San Jose

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Looking for something fun to do without leaving the Central Valley?  Why not get your adrenaline fix by visiting  the Parque de Diversiones, Costa Rica's only true amusement park?

Located in San Jose, the Parque de Diversiones uses its profits to support the Children's Hospital.   The park was opened in the 1980s and was recently updated.  Sure, it's no Six Flags or Disneyland, but there are plenty of rides and attractions to keep you entertained for the day, and the park is clean and has friendly staff.

There are six or seven high-adrenaline rides, plus bumper cars and a ferris wheel.  There are also two water rides and water slides, so dress appropriately!  There are carnival games located throughout the park, and a section of the park has smaller roller coasters and rides for children.  There is an area of the park with a few farm animals and a castle for kids too.   You could encounter concerts, dancers and even plays in various areas of the park throughout the day, so keep your eyes open.  In the Pueblo Antiguo, which is a section of the park dedicated to traditions of Costa Rica, we saw a 25-minute play about a radio show.  In the evening, we were able to watch professional dancers here as well! 

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The park is located in La Uruca in San Jose, 2 kilometers west of the Hospital Mexico.   To get to the park by bus from Heredia, you can take the Busetas Heredianas (Las Amarillas) to San Jose and get off the bus at the Juan Pablo II bridge, which is where the roundabout is.  You will then need to walk about 30 minutes west.  Or you can take the red and white TUASA bus that goes through Heredia on its way to San Jose.  Get off at the Mazda dealership in La Uruca and walk to the FIAT dealership.  Here you will wait for the bus going to the Hospital Mexico.  Get off at the hospital, which is the last stop, and walk the final two kilometers to the park. 

Entrance to the park is completely free, and you can buy individual tickets for rides. Most rides cost 1, 2 or 3 tickets. However, if you plan on spending the entire day at the park, I would recommend getting the Pase Especial bracelet which allows you to ride an unlimited amount of times.  This pass was 8650 colones (about 15USD) when we recently went.  They often run different promotions, so check out their Facebook page before you go.  For instance, we bought two Pases Especiales and got a third for only 2000 colones.  And if you are not comfortable waiting in lines, the park does offer a Fast Pass for 15,000 colones. 

A Day Exploring San Jose

The Parque Diversiones opens at 9am and has a scheduled closing time for 5pm, 7pm, 8pm or 9pm depending on the season and scheduled events.  It is also closed entirely during the week during some of the rainy months, like October, so make sure to check their calendar!

There are a number of snack stands, like any amusement park, that sell cotton candy, ice cream, chips and hotdogs. There is a food court with a Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, a fried chicken place and a burger joint. In the Pueblo Antiguo area of the park, there is a soda that serves typical Costa Rican food.  You are allowed to bring in backpacks and coolers if you want to bring your own lunch or snacks, but alcohol is not allowed. 

Enjoy your day at the park and don't forget to show us your pictures!  Not yet in Costa Rica?  Contact us about becoming an English teacher and starting your life abroad! 

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