Cell Phones in Costa Rica

Cell Phones in Costa Rica

If you are only planning to stay in Costa Rica for the four weeks of the course, we don’t recommend buying a cell phone to use here.  If you happen to already have a smart phone that you will be bringing with you, you can get it “unlocked” before coming and buy a chip with a local prepaid number for less than 5USD.  If you decide to do this, please keep in mind our tips about being safe in the streets!


What apps should you download before moving to Costa Rica?

But if you are staying to live and work after the course, of course you also have the option to use an “unlocked” smart phone.  A safer and more economical option is to buy a cheap phone (20-30USD) here in Costa Rica and purchase a prepaid chip with a local number.  Again, it costs less than 5USD to buy the chip, and it comes with usable credit already on the chip.  


How do I stay in touch with my family while I’m overseas?

Until a couple of years ago, ICE, the national telephone and electric company, was the only company offering cell phone services, Kolbi.  Now there are two other international companies here, Claro and Movistar, offering pre- and post-paid services.  The companies are regularly offering promotions to meet the customers’ needs.  


To add credit to your prepaid number, you simply go to any convenient store or shop displaying your company’s logo to pay cash or buy a scratch card.  This credit goes far when texting, less so if making calls.  Even without credit on your chip, you can receive calls.


Don’t forget that there are many options to help you stay connected with friends and family back home also!  The world is so small now with all of the programs and apps available through the Internet.  You can make free calls user to user using programs like Viber, Facetime and Skype.  You can text user to user for free with Whatsapp.  Programs like Skype and Google Voice offer very cheap rates to make calls to cell phones or landlines back home also!  

Check this concern off your list, and contact us today to sign up for your 4-week, onsite TESOL course in Costa Rica!

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