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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 01/17/2023

Don't Speak Spanish? Don't worry!

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Are you considering coming to Costa Rica for the onsite TEFL course but concerned because you don't speak Spanish?  Don't worry! 

Our four-week course is designed to train you to be an ESL teacher that can work anywhere in the world.  We do not use the translation method in our classes, so there's no need for you to speak Spanish, or any other language for that matter.  Our method uses English only and teaches you ways to use pictures and miming to teach vocabulary and to use context and good examples when teaching grammar.

Also, do not be concerned about finding a job or interviewing in Costa Rica.  All of the language institutes are owned and run by people who speak English, so you will be interviewed in English, and the school directors will tell you NOT to use Spanish in the classroom.  Their clients (your students) are paying for an immersion experience with a native Speaker.


Although speaking Spanish is not necessary for being an excellent English teacher, we do encourage you to make an effort to learn some phrases before coming to Costa Rica.  Knowing some common phrases to be polite and to help you get around will make you feel more comfortable during your stay here.   Check out free apps like Duolingo or websites like www.studyspanish.com

Spanish Classes

Additionally, we offer Spanish classes!  Study with a native Spanish-speaking teacher and watch how quickly you learn.  Some of our TEFL students choose to come a week early to study before the course starts.  Others take classes in the early mornings during the TEFL month, while others choose to stay a week or two after the course to study Spanish.  Check out the different levels we offer and talk to us today about scheduling your class.  

So don't hesitate anymore!  Talk to us today about saving your spot in one of our TEFL trainings!  

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