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Getting TEFL Certified in Costa Rica | Updated: 10/09/2022

Top 10 Reasons to Get TEFL Certified at ITA Costa Rica

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

We get asked this question a lot:  Why would someone choose to get TEFL certified with International TEFL Academy over another course?

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We’re Accredited

Being accredited by a globally recognized accreditation body such as TQUK requires a ton of work and constant checkups. The higher standards in education are required, and any slip in quality will result in the loss of our accreditation. This is a great thing for students. This is also why employers from around the world recognize this level 5 TEFL course.

Job Guidance

Simply put, Job Guidance means that we will assist you with getting a job regardless of where you want to teach in the world. Normally, a TEFL course provider has good contacts in the country where they are located in, but rarely have thousands of contacts outside of their country. International TEFL Academy had 3000 people graduate from their program last year, and are teaching in over 60 countries around the world.


Alumni Network

The best part of having thousands of graduates each year, is connected everyone with one another.  ITA trained over 5,000 students last year and have over 25,000 alumni to connect with worldwide.  Each country has its own Facebook group where any alumni can post questions or help other alumni out. This means you’re never alone, regardless of whether you are traveling for fun or for work. Our alumni are just like you and always looking forward to adding to their experience by adding fun and wonderful people.


Alumni Parties

Each month we throw a party to celebrate the graduation of yet another TEFL group. These are a huge hit as you get to meet other Costa Rica alumni. Often, our teachers are able to find work or a roommate thanks to these very parties.

Real Students

While some TEFL certifications pay their students to be “professional” students who relive the same lessons over and over again, our students are real learners looking to improve their English. This provides our trainees with the very best practicum possible.



We’re close to where the jobs are

For many of our alumni, this has proven to be the biggest plus. Because we’re located in the Central Valley, we’re in constant contact with many of the top employers in Costa Rica. We get weekly emails asking if we have any teachers available. Word has gotten around, and schools prioritize teachers that have graduated from our program.

An authentic Costa Rican experience

For many of our grads, they list their stay with a host family as one of the highlights. Barva is rich in history and known by the locals as the “city of artists.”  Festivals in the streets are a common occurrence. Barva is a local town with everyday Costa Ricans. It is not a tourist center. Outside of our trainees and teachers, you’ll rarely bump into another foreigner, which leads us to number 8.


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It’s A Great Place To Learn Spanish

Living in a tourist destination at the beach means you’ll run into a lot of foreigners. This means most people there speak English, and quite of few of the locals are foreigners themselves. If learning or perfecting Spanish is a priority for your time in Costa Rica, you’ll definitely want to choose living in Barva.


You’re Close To Everything

Barva is a quick 10 minute bus ride, only 40 cents, from dowtown Heredia. Heredia is a university town with lots of cheap bars and restaurants that cater to this demographic. It’s lively every night of the week and an excellent choice for those looking for a little action.


Did we mention we’re in Costa Rica?

Home of some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see, volcanoes, monkeys, nice weather year round and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. No wonder Costa Rica is the destination that’s at the tip of everybody’s tongue.

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