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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | 05/09/2017

Why take a "Gap Year" after College Graduation?

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Recently graduated from college and ready to jump into the real world?  Why?!?  The job market is competitive these days, so why not take a "gap year" abroad and make yourself more marketable while having the time of your life?

1 - International Experience

Whether you are in the business world, education or medicine, international experience will set you apart from all of the other applicants. We live in a global society regardless of your field of study, and your future employer wants to see that you appreciate and understand that. What better way to do that than by living abroad for a year? Experience a new culture first hand and see the world with fresh eyes.

2 - Language Experience

It's no secret that knowing more than one language is marketable and almost necessary nowadays. If you've already studied Spanish, practice it here in Costa Rica while living with your homestay family during the TESOL course and by immersing yourself in the culture throughout the year.  If you've never studied Spanish, don't worry!  We offer our courses on our campus, plus you will pick up a lot during your free time.

Spanish Courses

3 - Teaching Experience

Your teaching experience abroad not only shows you know how to work with another culture, you know how to work with people in general.  Isn't that what every employer wants in a working environment?  People that know how to get along and work as a team! Furthermore, teaching experience is grooming you to be a leader.  You know how to plan, how to implement and how to make things happen!

4 - Life Experience

This list of lessons you learn while living abroad is endless, but let me just mention a few.  You learn that regardless of all of the differences, we are very similar no matter where we come from. You learn how to understand others and how to have empathy. You learn to be flexible and get used to things that are new and different. You learn to ask for help and to communicate whether you speak the language or not. And most importantly, you learn how to really live and to enjoy life by experiencing new things.  

How many more reasons do you need?  Sign up today for your 4-week, onsite TEFL course in Costa Rica!

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