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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 03/29/2023

La Paz Waterfall Gardens & Poas Volcano Tour

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

Get to know your TEFL classmates and enjoy a day seeing the incredible sights of Costa Rica.  Together you will spend the Sunday before Day 1 of your TEFL course experiencing some of the things Costa Rica is most famous for:  a coffee plantation, a volcano, and stunning waterfalls, not to mention the butterfly garden, hummingbirds or the exotic animal rescue.  

We will take off bright and early, meeting at the TEFL school in Barva, Heredia.  On our way up to Poas Volcano, we will stop in the city of Alajuela to see some historical monuments and learn a bit of Costa Rican history.  As we continue our way up the mountain, we will stop for a typical breakfast and panoramic view as we learn about Costa Rica's coffee industry.  We will make our way through exotic flower and strawberry plantations until we arrive at the rain forest of Poas Volcano.  After visiting the volcano and lagoon, we will go to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a jungle park and wildlife refuge.  We will tour the hummingbird and butterfly gardens before eating a delicious buffet lunch and checking out the monkeys, wild cats, snakes, birds and frogs.  We will finish our tour by taking in the stunning waterfalls. 

Alumni Testimonials

"My favorite part of the tour was La Paz Waterfall Gardens. We got to see so many animals and insects on a nice little hike. Also, the waterfalls were very beautiful. Of course, I can't forget to mention the food. Everything was delicious! It was also great starting Day 1 already knowing a few of my classmates. There's something about talking, traveling, and eating together that helps put people at ease with each other. Seeing those people on the first day of a then unknown course was a bit of a relief and automatically made me more open to even those who didn't go. In that way, the trip took off some of the pressure off the course already! I would definitely recommend the trip to others. It was so convenient; all the transportation to and from the school, the food, and entrance fees were covered. The guides were awesome and accommodated our preferences. Plus, if they don't plan on arriving early to or staying later in Costa Rica, this is the best opportunity to get some sightseeing done!"

-Karah, June 2016

"It's hard for me to choose my favorite part of the tour, but I can tell you my favorite part of each location. First of all, the coffee tour gave me a nice sense of Costa Rica's prize export. The Doka coffee plantation is gorgeous and the natural views were a wonderful introduction to the country. The stop at the strawberry restaurant provided a much needed sugar boost before our tour through La Paz. I absolutely loved the "zoo" section of La Paz and how close we could get to some of the natural animals of Costa Rica. The hummingbirds and butterflies might have been my favorite. Lunch was great. Lastly, I thought the waterfalls were mind-blowing. I think the rain actually enhanced our experience and I think going to all three was essential.  I think having a trip before the class starts is an amazing idea. I felt close with people on the trip, which is so important because everyone is living all spread out in homestays. The bonding experience really made coming to class easier. I think the friendships we made that day also created a favorable atmosphere for the whole group because we were all so positive and happy."

-Ben, July 2016

 "I would definitely recommend this trip to other students. I think it is an amazing start to our adventure and a fun way to meet one another. The trip is all set up and displays the best parts of the country.  It gives us a good foundation to explore these places further when we get jobs after the course. In other words, once we see these places as tourists, we can choose to go back and explore even more when we live here!"

-Sydney, March 2017

Check out photos of the tour from some of our previous groups of TEFL trainees!  We will reach out to you and your classmates a few weeks before the trip to ask if you would like to go.  The week before the tour, we will send more details about the pick up. The trip includes breakfast, lunch, transportation and all park entrances.  Haven't yet registered for one of our 4-week TEFL courses?  Get in touch with us today!  



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