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TEFL Training In Costa Rica | Updated: 11/10/2022

Toucan Rescue Ranch

Written by International TEFL Academy Costa Rica

While you are in Costa Rica for our 4-week TEFL training, you will be busy with the coursework.  However, we recommend doing as much sightseeing as possible!  Costa Rica is an amazing country with stunning amenities for all tastes!  We recently had the opportunity to check out another great option for you that is only 30 minutes from our school in Barva, Heredia.

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is located in San Isidro de Heredia, and we highly recommend going on one of their ranch tours. The ranch was established in 2004 by American Leslie Howle and Costa Rican Jorge Murillo as a non-profit rescue center for toucans and other birds, however, the center quickly expanded to include other Costa Rican wildlife when a baby sloth was left in their care in 2007.  The Toucan Rescue Ranch focuses on the care, rehabilitation and study of the animals they receive and gives them a loving home and, when possible, releases them back into nature. They also focus on animal protection from poachers and illegal pet owners, education and breeding.


The Toucan Rescue Ranch offers a few different tours, but we went on the Classic Ranch Tour.  We had a bilingual guide who is from Costa Rica and has worked in tourism and ecotourism for many years.  He was knowledgeable and funny, and he shared the history of the ranch and stories of the specific animals currently staying there. 


The animals at the ranch are not always the same, as they are a rescue center and not a zoo.  When we were there, we were able to see a number of sloths of all ages, including adorable, bottle-fed babies.  We saw parrots, macaws, owls, and more species of toucans that we even knew existed!  They were also housing a number of mammals at that time:  a river otter, a porcupine, and some entertaining monkeys, to name a few.  The Toucan Rescue Ranch keeps its admirers updated about the animals' progress on Facebook and Instagram too!  We were in awe of the animals and the work the Toucan Rescue Ranch does, and we walked away with great memories and beautiful pictures.


They advertised the tour as being an hour and a half, but ours was closer to two hours.  You have to make a reservation to participate in one of their ranch tours, and space is limited for the sake of the animals, so check your calendar and contact them ahead of time.  Heads up!  They do not give tours on Sundays.   Foreign adults pay 35USD for the tour.  If you are a Costa Rican citizen or resident, you will pay 17USD, which is the same as children 6-11 years old.  Kids 5 years and younger are free. To get to the Toucan Rescue Ranch, we recommend taking a taxi or an Uber, as it is not in downtown San Isidro.  Once you receive confirmation of your booked tour, the coordinator will also send you the directions to the ranch.  So get your TEFL classmates or teacher friends together and make plans to visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch!


We loved our day at the ranch, and we love this country! Are you ready to start your journey of living and teaching in Costa Rica?   Don't hesitate any longer!  Contact us today to save your seat in one of our 4-week courses!  For other one-day tours and trip ideas in and around Barva, check out the following links!


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